Maso Novák

For this nationwide butcher-shop chain, we carried out a complete redesign based on the new logo. The aim was to improve brand perception and better differentiate it from the competition.


Group-IPS is an international project management company. For many years, we create all visual materials for them. We are also responsible for the company’s website and, most recently, its new visual identity.


Crowdberry enables private investors to invest in companies, co-own them and increase the value of their capital by building growing companies. For Crowdberry, we created a new, simple and bold visual style that helps it to communicate its campaigns in the best possible way.


The charitable platform Wakawai set for itself the goal of simplifying its donation system. We created a logo, visual identity, promotional materials and, for example, application design, all with a bold and playful style, as befits and belongs to this positive idea.


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