The charitable platform Wakawai set for itself the goal of simplifying its donation system. We created a logo, visual identity, promotional materials and, for example, application design, all with a bold and playful style, as befits and belongs to this positive idea.


The word Wakawai means wave, vibration in Maori. And we wanted to bring the “positive waves” that the platform spreads into its logo.

The result is a simple and recognisable symbol composed of three identical shapes resembling a crescent moon. These are arranged in the shape of a breaking wave, which symbolises the effect and power that charity has.


Promotional materials

At the beginning of every project, it is necessary to successfully sell your idea. And we are helping Wakawai to do just that. We created presentations and brochures that clearly and comprehensibly explain the platform’s operation. Everything is complemented with imaginative illustrations.


We are also responsible for the initial design of the Wakawai mobile application’s user interface.

We took inspiration from social networks, to which Wakawai is very similar in the way that it functions. In the application you will find a typical “wall” with posts by non-profits, advanced search and a personal profile with statistics. Of course, it is possible to make a donation with just a few clicks.


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