Group-IPS is an international project management company. For many years, we create all visual materials for them. We are also responsible for the company’s website and, most recently, its new visual identity.

Corporate identity & Documents

As an international company operating in more than ten countries, Group-IPS has an elaborate system of processes. For these purposes, we designed the necessary documents, which are both elegant and clear.

Other materials such as business cards and letterhead paper are a matter of course, as no company of a similar size could get by without them.


Marketing materials

We also create brochures and other printed materials for Group-IPS. These mainly serve for promotion of the company at trade fairs, though many materials are made also for internal purposes. 

We maintain a consistent and simple visual for all materials in order to guarantee that Group-IPS has a uniform style that distinguishes it from the competition.



Due to the company’s broad scope of activity, it was necessary to put a truly very large amount of information on the website. Therefore, we focused the greatest degree of attention on the logical structure of the content and strived for the simplest and most elegant design possible.



We long sought a graphic element to express everything that Group-IPS represents – sectors, services, countries, people… We needed an element that would be clearly recognisable and sufficiently simple, and with which people in the company could properly identify.

After countless attempts, this abstract symbol worked best. We at Prime call it a “wankel” and its individual layers represent the company’s structure. At the same time, it forms an arrow as a symbol of visionary thinking.

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