Great people.
Prime results.

We want to create great things and be proud of our work. We strive to always maximally understand you and your aims. We involve you in the process and together we fine tune everything to the last detail. 

Our goal is for you to feel that Prime is a part of your company. We keep you informed and you thus always know which phase your project is in. If you have a problem, you can call the graphic designer directly and have everything worked out in five minutes. Simply a human approach – incomprehensible for some, a matter of course for us.


What do we care about?


For us, collaboration means getting on the same wavelength. That requires time and patience, so we have been collaborating with the vast majority of our clients for a long time. Truly great things can happen only when we understand each other.

We go in depth

When we do something, we have to know why. What is the purpose and goal? Is this the best solution? What could work better? We always ask these questions long before we pick up a pencil. That saves us a lot of time and you a lot of money.

We are normal

We care about communication, we don’t pretend anything and we take a human approach to solving potential problems. We know why we do things and we are able to explain them to you. In short, we do everything well in order to ensure that we get along well together.

There are a lot of graphic-design studios out there.
What makes us different?

  • We’re an established marketing agency staffed with experienced professionals 
    Whatever you need, we can do it with ease

  • You’ll communicate directly with our designer 
    We may have project managers to keep things moving, but our designers will always take the time to explain their concept and listen to your feedback firsthand.

  • We understand the difference between art and design 
    We aren’t artists and won’t act like we are... Our design work isn’t meant to hang in a museum but to  help you sell, communicate and build your brand 

  • We design like we’re a part of your team 
    We’ll brainstorm right along with you then, design, redesign, discuss and take it to the next level — together 

  • We’ll work against the clock 
    Top notchwork requires time you don´t always have. We get that and are able to deliver flexible design solutions, fast  

  • We won’t add to your already overflowing inbox 
    We may work with dozens of concepts, but we’ll only present you with the best. That means you can  focus on the day-to-day and get involved at the right stage of the design process. 

How is a creative studio made?

A strategic agency stood at the inception. In 2017, we established senseZOOM and the plan was clear – to create great business and marketing strategies. For a large number of clients, it was about more than just strategy and we gladly took on implementation – copywriting, social networks, web design, graphics… And the response was very positive.

Over time, it began to dawn on us that just as a photographer needs “prime lens” in addition to “zoom”, we also want a project where we can realise our creative selves. We spent long months over coffee and other drinks working out how to transform this idea into something concrete.

And thus Prime came into being. A creative studio with the ambition to create beautiful things that will be successful in the real world. 

Who's behind this?



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